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With the COVID19 Stimulus package passed in late December, 2020 is the No Surprises Act that takes effect in 2022. While a step forward for healthcare consumers, the American Medical Association and other Provider advocates raise some genuine concerns.

“the complexity of the process is such that many physicians—particularly those in smaller practices—may not have the resources to take advantage of the IDR process to obtain fair compensation for their services.”

Don’t wait until you suddenly face:

  • Reduced Reimbursement
  • Increased Administrative Burden
  • Cost of Mediation

Contact us for a complete preparedness solution to meet new Federal Law being enacted






When it comes to changes in the industry, a unified voice is essential to shaping that change. Our database of stakeholders, facilitators, committees, legislators, and agencies provides tools for input on key issues. From ready to send communications such as emails, letters, or portals to petitions or litigation access to make a difference in the continued evolution of the profession is no longer a laborious complex task.

Denied claims can cost a practice significant revenue as well as additional expense in time and labor to dispute claims. Successful appeals require essential elements as well as knowledge of appeals review criteria at the payer level. Member practices of MD Fulcrum receive 15 professionally written appeals per month with additional appeals for $5 each.

Many practices are strained to manage current claims coding, edits, and submission, payment posting, and other daily tasks. The fact is, the longer a service claim ages, the more burden it adds to a practice and the less time there is to devote to resolving the aging claim. We provide customized follow up services to Member Practices with core volume included and additional volume at fees that provide unmatched value to improve A/R performance and a healthy bottom line.

Assuring that documentation and claims processes are meeting all requirements, it is Best Practices to conduct regular audits. Member practices receive complimentary audits at regular intervals and specialized audits at exceptional savings.

What benefits one often benefits all. We provide an open invitation to submit requests for development of additional features and benefits. Our business model and philosophy is to provide as many resources as possible without additional fees. When a universally beneficial benefit is requested, we will always assess it for addition to our powerful suite of included benefits before making it an “additional fee” option.

Non-compliance with regulatory requirements can have significant implications for any organization. Member practices receive extensive compliance resources to remain free from sanctions.

Credentialing with governmental agencies, payers, professional boards, and more can be an overwhelming task. Our member practices enjoy credential maintenance profiles and services to assure that credentialing is burden free.

From Practitioner to ancillary staff, initial as well as ongoing training is essential to the success of a medical practice. Our member practices enjoy an extensive selection of On Demand Training Resources including Documentation, Coding, Reimbursement, Risk Adjustment, Quality Measures, and more. In addition, customized training is available at unmatched value. In fact, we offer a free Price Mastery review of any training quote. Member practices can be assured they will receive the highest quality training at the most competitive fees.

We make candidate identification a hassle-free process when adding staff to your practice. We will assess your hiring needs and provide only qualified and vetted candidates to make the most of your time and resources in the hiring process.

When staffing needs do not require permanent roles but staffing is needed on an interim or per-diem basis, we help you meet your changing demand as a benefit of membership. We work with your practice to assess your unique needs and then to fulfill those needs.

Interacting with likeminded Professionals is an integral element of remaining current and insightful in the industry. Our state of the art networking tool allows Professionals to Network in the most meaningful fashion including by Specialty, Topic, Location, Role, and more.

The healthcare industry is laden with regulation in nearly every aspect that a medical practice operates. From a help desk to assist in identifying or understanding existing regulations to customized notifications on proposed or newly established regulations that may impact your practice, remain compliant and informed on regulatory changes.

Having information and resources at the ready improves efficiency, quality, and often may reduce costs. Whether it is one of our proprietary resources or a centralized location to find external tools, we strive to put the tools and information your practice needs in one convenient and simple location.

As a member practice, if there is a need for resources outside the scope of MD Fulcrum included options, we will help assess your need and prepare a targeted list of prospective options with detailed key considerations. We also work with vendors providing a wide range of solutions that we are able to make valuable suggestions to improve all facets of your practices business operations.